Sometimes punishments can hit us hard in the pocket.

Say a swear word out loud and you might have to put something into the jar. Make a mistake and it can be costly.

Of course, money is not a problem for someone like Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but he is not immune to the rules, either.

Back in 2018, during that year’s edition of the UFEA Champions League, the Portugal international was shown a red card against Valencia after he was dismissed for pulling the player’s hair in a group stage match.

The incident reduced CR7 to tears, but perhaps because he knew he would need to shell out some money on expensive gifts due to then-manager Massimiliano Allegri’s policy.

The former Juve manager had a strict code of conduct in place and had created a rule in which any misdemeanour from a player would result in them having to buy their team-mates a gift as an apology.

CR7 protested against it for months, but he finally obliged and it seems the wait was worth it, as he provided each of his team-mates with a new Apple iMac, according to Wojciech Szczesny.

Szczesny told Polish talk show Prosto w Szczene (via talkSPORT): “Yes, we all have an iMac.

“It took a very long time because he couldn’t process that red card and insisted high and low that he was not doing anything wrong.

“It took him a bit, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac.”

It seems that despite the amount of money they earn, hitting them in the pocket appears to be an effective means of punishment; even if it seems to be loose change at the best of times. Bettors will know what it is like to get hit in the pocket, but they will be able to get more for their money when they check out apuestas24 in future.

Szczesny has also revealed that he was once punished by Allegri after arriving at training late, because he did not know what day it was.

He said: “I thought it was Tuesday, but it turned out to be Wednesday that day.

“Allegri called me and said everyone was already there. When I arrived half an hour late on the training field, everyone said: ‘oh, we’re getting presents!’ I ended up buying headphones for the boys.” Wise move.

We wonder if Andrea Pirlo has adopted these methods as well.