Maccabi Haifa 2-0 Juventus: Betting Review

Juventus traveled more than 2600 miles to this game, after a home loss against AC Milan. It wasn’t an easy task to collect points in Israel. The Italian team needed to collect points in Israel and the result was a disaster. But in my opinion, not surprising at all.

It’s true that the Italian team was able to beat the Israeli club at home, but the trip has to be taken into account to the match of round 4 of the Group stage. However, as the round was already beginning with PSG and Benfica with 7 points, we can say that motivation was a factor here.

Moreover, in the previous round (3) some Maccabi players were fasting due to religious holiday reasons, and the hosts had important names at their disposal that weren’t available in the third round.

UCL Matchday 4 – Maccabi Haifa – Juventus Live Betting Review

The hosts and under selections were the big protagonists of the betting markets, including 1×2, Asian Handicap, and over/under goals.

Maccabi Haifa 2–0 Juventus: 1st Half Live Betting Review

The Italian team needed to collect points in Israel. The Israeli team dominated tactically and had the best chances during the first half.

Live Betting: AH opportunities

The pre-match scenario allowed bettors to buy Maccabi Haifa +0.75 @1.90, which was a generous line. Hedge could have been done before and after the first goal of the hosts, as the opportunities to cash out were numerous.

Even when the match was already 1-0, Maccabi Haifa +0.5 @1-0 @1.90 was an interesting line, which could have been cashed out after 2-0.

The first half was simply sad to the fans of Juventus, the Israeli side deserved the result, and the 1×2 pre-match odds of 4.73 for the victory of the Israeli hosts seemed almost incredible considering how poor Juve was. The press speculated on the potential sacking of Allegri during the first half of the Italian tragedy.

Over/Under lines were a bit big after 1-0, with O/U 3.25 being the average lines in AH O/U, and by the time of the goal, I remembered a former colleague, a trader for a big syndicate who told me how markets overreact and expect lots of goals as soon as the score isn’t nil-nil anymore.

Under 3.25 @1-0 with odds close to even seemed somewhat tempting at that time, but a game involving an underdog like Maccabi and a desperate Juve could be hard to predict goal-lines-wise. At the end of the day, buying Under 3.25 at the score of 1-0 would have been a winning bet as the game ended 2-0.

Maccabi Haifa 2–0 Juventus: Second Half Live Betting Review

At the minute ’74 with a score of 2-0, it was still possible to buy Maccabi Haifa +0.5 in the Asian Handicap market, with odds of 1.9+.

By following the game live it was really easy to see how Juventus wasn’t capable of beating the Israeli team. The Italian side seemed to lack attacking power, especially after the injury of Di María during the first half.

When the game was 1-0, while Juventus in theory was more tempting as a potential bet in normal circumstances as the hosts already had the score they needed to collect 3 points, Maccabi Haifa was performing much better than Juventus. +0.5 @ 1-0 would also have been a winner.

The upcoming round for Juventus at UEFA Champions League 2022/23

The most realistic scenario for Juventus considering the loss in Israel is to hope that they win their last 2 games of the group, and hope that Benfica loses in Israel too.

It’s rational to assume that the Portuguese losing after a long trip is more likely than PSG losing points to Maccabi Haifa in Paris.

However, Maccabi Haifa lived a beautiful night of football which will be remembered forever, beating the most traditional team in Italy. Their motivation and morale could have been boosted. We’ll see in the coming round in two weeks!