Learn how to bet on the games of Juventus:

All bookmakers work the same way: you have a list of odds available that are sold by the house, and if you bet some money, they determine how much you can win.

In other words, if you are a bit confused and you visited some sites or were exposed to betting ads, there’s some good news for you! If you learn how to bet on one bookie, you know how to bet on all bookies.

Juventus is a popular team to bet on as it is one of the greatest teams in Italy and Europe, there’s big TV coverage of their games, and that results in great liquidity and diversity of betting markets to have fun and profit.

If you learn to bet on the game of one team, you’ll also learn how to bet on any game, so let’s dive into the world of soccer betting and understand the basic concepts.

Football betting odds: fractional, decimal, money lines

Professional bettors usually prefer decimal odds as calculations are easier. This system is more popular for recreational bettors in continental Europe, and for that reason, they are called the European odds. We’ll stick to this system to explain how to bet on a soccer game.

Match Result Football Betting 101: basic concepts

There are several secondary markets related to the match result, but we’ll stick to the traditional 1×2 for starters.

Let’s use some real-life odds for the very next game of Juve valid for Serie A. When the bianconeri face Empoli at home on October 21st, 2022, these are the decimal odds available right now on average.

Juventus victory, selection ‘1’: 1.47
Match Draw, selection ‘X’: 4.52
Victory of Empoli: 7.23

As you can see, the 1×2 market’s name is based on the selections that you can bet. A selection is in this case, what team will win the match. 1 represents the hosts, 2 the visitors, and X the match draw.

The decimal odds are simple multipliers. If you bet any amount of money – within the betting limits (we’ll explain more in a special guide soon), that’s the results you get as potential prizes.

In this example, the bettor is considering betting £100 on one of the selections.

Potential prizes for 100 GBP

Juventus victory: £100 * 1.47 = potential prize would be £147
Match draw: £100 * 4.52 = potential prize would be £452
Empoli victory: £100 * 7.23 = potential prize would be £723

Summary: football betting basic guide and secondary markets

If you understand the above system you can bet on the result of any game using the 1×2 system. There’s a myriad of secondary markets, including asian handicap, over/under goal betting market, exact score, yellow and red card bets, whether a specific player will score, and much more.

Check our specific guides to learn more about football betting!