Football Betting – 1×2 complete guide:

This guide will help you understand betting odds. It’s a beginners’ guide that can help you as a complement to our beginners’ guide to Juve games betting, but you can start with this one too.

In the 1×2 betting system, you can bet on three basic selections. Let’s use Juventus as an example.

Selection 1: the hosts. Juve will be the ‘1’ team in the 1×2 when they play in Turin.
Match Draw, the ‘X’ Selection: always the same, odds for the tie.
Selection 2: the visitors, that is Juve away from Turin or the visitors that play against them in Turin.

1×2 soccer betting odds, examples:

In the Torino derby earlier today, when Juventus won against Torino, these were the average odds available before the kickoff.

‘1’ Victory of Torino: 3.07
Match Draw ‘X’: 3.01
Victory of Juventus: 2.64

The odds are proportional to the perceived probability of a football event happening. During the recent golden years of Juve, the odds for the victories of the bianconeri against Torino were much smaller than 2.64.

But Juventus is living a bad moment and had lost in Israel against Maccabi Haifa in the midweek. They had a roundtrip of 5200 miles to play in Israel among other problems.

But Juventus won as the final score was 0-1. Juve was the selection ‘2’ because Torino was the host and the game happened at Stadio Olimpico.

So bettors that bet for example $100 in the ‘2’ odds, got $264 as prize.

1X2 Live Betting Markets

If you don’t feel like betting on a team before the kickoff, you can bet live. In-running betting is very advisable and is used by professional bettors. The risk is considerably lower as you can be sure of so many things, for example, if one or more key players that weren’t confirmed in the starting XI could heal in time for the game, you can confirm weather conditions, and even analyze the performance of the teams in the first minutes.

You can usually bet until around ’87, but if there’s an expectation of a lot of added time, you can bet even after that moment.

If goals are scored, you can still bet in the 1×2 market. Unlike the Asian handicap live betting, the 1×2 traditional live betting market considers only the full-time score.

So, for example, after Juventus scored the only goal of the game at ’74, the odds for the ‘2’ selection were still available but dropped massively, as the probability of Juventus winning the game was much bigger after the goal was scored.

If Torino had scored in the following minutes, the live odds would revert back to a similar size as they were prior to the goal. The odds will fluctuate according to different factors, including the passing of time during the game, betting market movements, that is, bets placed by the community, red cards, substitutions, the weather, and more.

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