The matter two times within about a month, about Juventus playing in the Stadio Olimpico implies that the last time the squad of Maurizio Sarri was in Rome is still very fresh in my head. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has forgotten that visit to play the resulting loss and Lazio, the very first of two games to one of the hottest teams of Serie A going. As good as Juventus appeared to the field against Cagliari in the return of Monday, there’s still that pile of steaming dog crap that was Juventus’ last trip of hanging around in the back of my mind all.

That poses the query – Will we get the same kind of Juventus that steamrolled Cagliari in the second half on Monday afternoon? Or, will we view the Juve that we watched a lot of at the first half of the season, the 3-1 losses to Lazio in December including both? The hope, of course, is that the Juventus we watched against Lazio in December is just as much a thing in the past as the last month of 2019 is. That’s particularly true since this is this season’s official midway point, with 19 league matches and the Coppa Italia going. The program is about to get busy again, and also it will come squad rotation. So, if Juventus can utilize the first win of 2020 as something that can propel them going ahead the remainder of this month and into the start of the Champions League knockout rounds at the end of February, then they will be in fairly good shape come the most important stretch of the year. And, it would also function as verification of sorts on the idea that Maurizio Sarri’s system just gets better with time which we have been sitting (and waiting to actually take place) for months now. Obviously, to attempt to maintain those warm and fuzzy feelings from the Cagliari triumph Juventus will have to do against a Roma facet that is feeling pretty good about themselves knowing how they ended out the 2019 calendar. Obviously Roma started 2020 in about as opposite of fashion since they might have when compared to Juventus, dropping a 2-0 decision to Torino in Turin’s Stadio Olimpico, but the first five weeks of Paulo Fonseca’s tenure as Roma’s manager has gone quite well. Roma entered the weekend schedule of games in the fourth and final Champions League spot, which could be a little bit of an overachievement understanding just how down and up the club has been this season.

So despite the defeat to Turin’s little brother, Roma come into Sunday night’s showdown in high spirits. They know that with the likes of Atalanta continued to do Atalanta things this year, there is a finish anything but a lock at this point. And for Juventus, with Atalanta performing them a solid contrary to Inter on Saturday night, the main goal — well, besides enjoying a 2nd straight good game — is rather obvious: Get 3 points and make the first position in the Serie A standings all yours again.