The versatile midfielder, who can play in many different places, has had a phenomenal 2019/2020 effort with Parma. Kulusevski was on loan at Parma from Atalanta and will now stay there for the remainder of the season.

The youngster didn’t come cheap to Juve as reports suggest they paid $35m and a possible $10m in add-ons for the Swede.

But in the market today, with a number of the massive price tags going around, this could eventually prove to be a steal for Juve.

Yes, he’s only 19-years-old in the moment and will undoubtedly have lots to learn as he continues to grow, but what he’s done and revealed during his time in Parma this year has clearly not gone unnoticed.

These stats are pretty impressive for a child who’s playing in his first complete Serie A season.

If Kulusevski will continue to make just like this for the remainder of the season, he’ll surely have a great probability of getting in the Juventus team beginning next season. This would surely help Juve’s aging and slow midfield.

Where Kulusevski will play for Juve remains up for discussion, but having the ability to bring pace, creativity and skill to a team that’s surely lacking it, could end up being quite important.

This existing Juventus midfield could surely use a celebrity or two, and Juve will be trusting Kulusevski can turn in the reply to some of their problems.

Obviously their issues are much deeper and won’t be completely answered by earning 1 participant, but surely the adolescent is the beginning when it comes to revitalizing this midfield.

At this time, Juventini cannot expect too much from the 19-year-old as he’s still a prospect. Nonetheless, if he can continue to advance in how many think he will, he could very well turn into the celebrity the Bianconeri are needing.

The towering youngster delivers a good deal of positive aspects going forward, something where Juventus’ midfield is seriously missing this year.

In addition, he brings flexibility, something else Maurizio Sarri will surely love to have in his group.

Kulusevski can play an assortment of positions, including a box to box midfielder, attacking midfield or on each wing, but rather the right he likes cutting in by the right to have a hit on his preferred left foot.

He’ll massively help this now lackluster Juventus midfield and several fans will be hoping he can slot in straight away next season.

The key thing now is to allow Kulusevski continue to grow at Parma and perform as much as possible because sitting on the seat at Juventus would do neither party any good.

It’s clear if he can continue to develop and perform the way he has this year, Juventus will have themselves a superbly skilled and creative player but now, only time will have the ability to tell how it ends up.

If all the possible Kulusevski owns turns into fact, the cash Juventus paid Atalanta is going to be worth every single penny, and clubs such as Manchester United and Inter Milan, who were pursuing him, will be disappointed in themselves for not coughing up the money at the ideal time.

Here is hoping this highly scouted youthful phenomenon continues to shine for the near future and reveals the footballing world that he’s the real deal, paving the way for him to play one of the greatest soccer clubs in Europe next season.