One of the most sought-after stars in the transfer window is Gabriel Jesus, who is most likely to leave the blue side of Manchester once there is a perfect bid. The player has delivered for the Citizens since his move in 2017 from Palmeiras. His 5-year stint at the club saw him score 95 goals in 236 appearances. Undoubtedly, he is a top shooter in the EPL, just like a top slot at any online casino.  

However, Pep Guardiola’s lack of faith in the young Brazilian has seen him lack playing time, and with Erling Haaland joining the squad, it would reduce drastically. Therefore, a move this summer is certainly a good decision. But the real question is where he would end up with many clubs, including Juventus showing interest.  

With interest in the 25-year-old growing across Europe, it is up to the player to choose where he would love to continue his incredible career. And with Morata on the verge of returning to Atletico Madrid, Juventus needs a top 9 to replace the Spaniard, and the Brazilian fits the profile. We’ve also seen that he can play on the sides, making him a perfect pair with Vlahovic. 

He currently has a reasonable price tag, so we expect Juventus to put in a bid. However, getting Jesus to join the team would take some convincing. So, is it possible that Gabriel Jesus will wear the black and white stripes for the Old Lady next season? Keep reading to find out what we think.

Why is Jesus a Perfect Fit?

One of the team’s problems this season is that it lacked someone that can assist and link up well with Dusan Vlahovic. In many games, the youngster is isolated up front, and given that he has the same playing style as Morata, the pair couldn’t bring something extra to the table. However, getting a player that can switch from the wings to central positions would be perfect. 

And fortunately, Gabriel Jesus is certainly a perfect fit for this role. We’ve seen him play many games for Guardiola on either the left or right side of the field. We’ve also seen him play centrally. He’s quick and can score goals from any angle. Undoubtedly, getting Jesus to join the team would be great for the Old Lady next season and more. 

Other Bidding Teams

Aside from Juventus, many top teams across Europe are looking to sign the 25-year-old Brazilian into their ranks, with Arsenal at the top of the pile. Arsenal is looking to rebuild, and getting a budding youngster like Jesus would greatly help the team, making it the second player that Arsenal and Juventus will be vying for this year.

In addition to Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid are also looking to get Gabriel Jesus to be part of their team. Each team on the list is preparing to put the €50 million bid down for the striker. Without a doubt, there is a lot of work for the teams involved to do, and we might see a higher bid from other teams soon.

What Juventus Can Do To Sway the Player

The player moving to Italy would require lots of convincing from the Juventus board, and undoubtedly, they would need to be fast about it. In addition, the board would have to work with the coach to provide a clear plan and how Jesus would fit into it. With a good plan and showcasing ambition on the part of the team, we might see him move to Turin.

Aside from that, the team might have to up their bid if they want to convince Manchester City to sell. And a good part for Juventus is that City might not want to sell one of their top players in the last five years to one of its local rivals. Therefore, there is a chance for the team to sign another top star in 2022. 

The Player’s Plan

Jesus seems to be keen on moving. However, it is not yet known where he will be going. But there have been speculations that he would love to stay in England, making it hard for Juventus to sign the player. Therefore, we would have to wait to see how things develop in the coming weeks with teams trying to convince the player to join. 

Our Opinion

We would continue to monitor Juventus’ progress with the player as they battle to get the signature for the Brazilian. Undoubtedly, one of the player’s plans would be to play in the upcoming UCL competition. Therefore, it would be a lot of work for Arteta and Arsenal to convince him to move to North London, leaving Chelsea, Tottenham, Real Madrid, and Juventus in the race.