Juventusanalysis.com writes that the incredible happened: two Champions League round of 16 draws instead of one. The results were first canceled due to errors made by UEFA. It’s official. For betting on Champions League matches, check out aussie rules betting.

❌ It all went wrong when Villarreal fell out against Manchester United, with whom the Spaniards played in a group.

❌ Following this, the ball from Manchester United was not placed in the pool of potential opponents for Atlético.

❌ But there was Liverpool, with which Madrid were in the group and could not meet in the 1/8 finals.

Later it turned out that among the potential rivals of Villarreal was mistakenly and Real Madrid – a team from the same country (in the 1/8 finals are bred). Moreover, having already found their pair – Benfica, they were pulled out first.

Villarreal ended up with Manchester City, Atlético with Bayern and United with PSG. No club could say they were happy with the draw.

After an hour of insider information and non-public controversy, UEFA has confirmed that the draw for the Champions League round of 16 will be repeated.

The draw for the playoffs of the Football Champions League took place twice. The first results were canceled due to a technical error by UEFA. The representative of Russia at the event, Andrei Arshavin (ambassador of the final of the tournament, which will be held in St. Petersburg) “pulled” Manchester United into rivals to Villarreal. But these two teams cannot play with each other according to the regulations, since they have already met in the group stage. As a result, Villarreal went to Manchester City, but this did not calm the Spaniards. They filed a protest, UEFA satisfied it. And the drawing of lots had to be carried out for the second time. This time, there were no technical errors, and no other team has any complaints.

UEFA Champions League round of 16 draw results:

RB Salzburg (Austria) – Bayern Munich (Germany);

Sporting (Portugal) – Manchester City (England);

Benfica (Portugal) – Ajax (Netherlands);

Chelsea (England) – Lille (France);

Atletico (Spain) – Manchester United (England);

Villarreal (Spain) – Juventus (Italy);

Inter (Italy) – Liverpool (England);

Paris Saint-Germain (France) – Real (Spain).

Representatives of the same country and teams from the same group cannot meet in the 1/8 finals. The group winners will play the return leg at home. It is also worth remembering that UEFA has canceled the away goal rule. If an equal score is established after two meetings, the teams will spend extra time and, if necessary, shoot-outs.
Of the Russian clubs, only Zenit could make it to the Champions League playoffs, but the team finished third in their group and made it to the Europa League play-offs.

The first matches of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League will take place on 15 and 16, as well as on 22 and 23 February. Response – 8 and 9, as well as 15 and 16 March. The Champions League final of the 2021/2022 season will take place on May 29, 2022 in St. Petersburg.