The Catalan head coach would be of interest to the Bianconeri when he was available, even though the club chief accepts the prospect is unlikely.

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli says the reigning Serie A champions have given thought to a single day hiring Pep Guardiola but believes it would be hard for them to land the Manchester City boss.

Agnelli said Juventus have contemplated the prospect of bringing the prior Barcelona and Bayern Munich head coach to Turin but worried that a move now would be difficult as a result of his obvious happiness from the Premier League.

He also insisted that the team are more than satisfied with their progress under Maurizio Sarri, who joined them from Chelsea at the beginning of the season.

“It’s heresy to say that you don’t think of Guardiola, but you must assess the minute you’re in, like any professional,” Agnelli said to Radio24 concerning the City boss, who’s re-emphasized his commitment to the English club despite their two-year Champions League ban, which they wish to appeal.

“If somebody is happy where he is, it isn’t easy to move.

“We are extremely satisfied with Sarri. Things are set up for three decades, the potency of his thoughts will come with their disposition in time, and this is the priority.

“The first half of this season was excellent, we’re first in the standings and we passed the Champions League group stage in the beginning.

“I will assess the season in the end, thinking I can triumph in February is absurd, but being today is a great starting point.”

Agnelli was asked if he had been tempted to land former trainer Antonio Conte, who finally joined Inter, when he was substituting Massimiliano Allegri.

“We wanted Maurizio Sarri and we took Sarri,” stated Agnelli. “Conte is a sign of Juventus; he’s won several Scudetti and the Champions League.

“Conte is Juventus from this point of view. We’ve got a peaceful relationship with him, but we’re professional.

“He took on the challenge of bringing ambitious Inter back to the winners’ circle, rubbing heads with [Inter chairman] Steven Zhang, who’s a person I know and respect, is something which fascinates me.”