How to bet on the Asian Handicap Markets – Juve games

The Asian Handicap market is ideal for professionals because of the way odds are calculated. But for recreational bettors, handicap betting also increases the chance of Juventus being attractive to bet on.

The 1×2 markets can be interesting when the odds are big and there is some similarity of quality between the sides involved.

However, when there’s a major underdog, which is often the case when teams face Juventus, the odds of Juve can be pretty boring for recreational bettors, and completely unacceptable for pros.

The Asian Handicap isn’t as complicated as many say, but you need to learn it step by step.

Let’s analyze the scenario for simple bets using lines that don’t require advanced explanation. We will have an intermediate 201 betting guide for AH soon.

Juventus in the Asian Handicap – big handicaps

Let’s suppose that Juventus will face a very small team at Coppa Italia. The market is betting on whether Juve will win by three goals or more or not.

This is how Asian Handicap lines ‘translate’ this betting action.

Juventus -2.5 @2.0

This is a typical line for a scenario like this. The market uses the number -2.5, because if the bianconeri win by 3 goals or more, the team will beat a -2.5 handicap, meaning they’ll end the match with a positive betting score.

3 – 2.5 = +0.5

It means Juve would ‘end the betting score’ winning it. If they score just two goals, for example, their handicap result by the end of the game would be -0.5, a negative number, therefore, a betting loss.

Results that would be a betting loss for Juve -2.5: victories of Juve by two goals or less, draws, victories of the visitors.

Results that make Juventus -2.5 a winning bet: victories of Juve by 3 goals or more.

This market is the Asian Handicap match result betting. It has nothing to do with the Asian Handicap Over/Under markets which is a separate one. There is however some relationship between the markets because if the match result market expects tons of goals, the over/under goal betting lines will reflect this and the market will expect goals too.

Asian Handicap Live Betting

Asian Handicap Live Betting is a very advanced market that requires a special guide. But as an introduction, this is what happens: you place the bet ‘at a score’. It means you apply the handicap over a result.

Let’s say Juventus is winning and the score is 1-0. If you place a Juve -2.5 bet @1-0 score, it means they need to score another 3 goals for you to win. It does not mean you will win with a 3-0 score. If it sounds confusing, don’t worry we’ll have a complete guide about it.

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