Correct Score Betting – How it Works

Correct score or exact score is a secondary betting market. It means it doesn’t have the same liquidity as 1×2 or Asian Handicap match result betting markets, but it’s still a good option for recreational bettors and professionals that don’t require overly big betting limits.

Let’s learn the concept and the difference between exact score betting and 1×2 betting.

1X2 betting and correct score wagers

When you bet on any 1×2 selection, you bet on a combination of all potential scores that represent that selection.

So if you bet on the match draw, you’re effectively betting on 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, and so on, in a combined way.

If you decide to bet, let’s say, $100 in the match draw, but instead, you bet the same amount of money in a proportional way in the exact score bets, according to the odds, you’ll see that the mathematical result is very similar to betting all the money in the match draw X odds.

So when does it make sense to bet on exact scores? Well, in the betting markets it’s all about good information.

When it makes sense to bet on correct scores

If a team is getting way too many 0-0 results, this means something is going on. Either the strikers are in poor form, a key attacker may be injured, or the defenders are performing very well while the strikers are not in top form.

If you follow a team closely, you’ll be able to understand the reason behind the results.

If a team is getting a lot of 1-1 results, a good explanation is this team is getting these results at home, and after scoring they defend way too much without good counter-attacks and end up conceding goals when it’s too late to fight back the draw.

A good suggestion is to do what the professionals do: try to anticipate the market adjustments of odds.

Let’s suppose that a team is getting way too many 0-0 results because the defense is good, but two good attackers are injured. Let’s suppose they are back to the team and it looks like they are going to score goals again. It will take some time before the market adjusts the odds, so you can follow the games live to see what’s going on and bet on correct score selections that involve goals, unlike 0-0, or even over selections or their match result victory selections.

Correct score betting is all about good information and good calculation of odds. If a score is repeating too much, the market may adjust it wildly and the odds may be poor, which may ‘cause’ some value at other odds.

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